Summer salad recipe: How to make Roast Salmon Salad at home by Chef Dhwani Agarwal

Kriti Saraswat Satpathy
An healthy and yummy salad recipe to try at home this summer.

The summer heat is getting harsher with each passing day and one of the ways to beat it is to eat light and fresh meals during the day. When you eat heavy meals, your stomach has to work extra hard to digest it and also generates heat in your body. Light meals keep you fresh and prevent lethargy as well. Salads are one of the best dishes to consume during summer but they don’t have to be boring and bland. Chef Dhwani Agarwal who is a Senior Sours Chef at Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra in Mumbai, has shared a yummy salad recipe with us. (ALSO SEE Easy veg and non-veg salad recipes)

Chef Dhwani has whipped up roast salmon salad that has flavors of ginger, green chillies, kale, mango and fresh amaranth leaves. This makes for a filling side or even meal if you have a large portion of it. The salad is anything but bland, is easy to make at home and healthy as well. Here’s the recipe.


Salmon fillet: 150g

Amaranth leaves: 100g

Kale leaves: 100g

Toasted sweet corn: 25g

Cucumber: 150g

Tomato: 100g

Orange segments: 25g

Mint: 50g

Red chilli powder: 10g

Ginger green chilli paste: 5g

Lemon juice to taste

Mango juice: 250 ml

Chaat masala: 5g

Mango scoops: 30g

Salt to taste



Marinate the salmon with ginger and green chilli paste, red chilli powder and lime juice.

Roast this in a tandoor grill.

Crust the salmon with toasted sweet corn.


Mix kale and amaranth leaves, chopped cucumber, chopped tomato, orange segments, chopped mint and salt to form a bed.


Mix mango juice, chat masala and cook until it thickens.

Cool and mix with mango scoops.

Mix all to form a lip-smacking summer salad.

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