Sumit luv Soni: Reddit Thread Shows how Indians 'Love' Marking Territory Around World

Even in the age of Facebook check-ins, geotags and selfies, some Indians have a habit of marking their territory by showing off their graffiti skills on historical monuments or public spaces. Because the entire world is a canvas, right?

And by 'graffiti skills' we don't mean social commentary or sending out strong, thought-provoking slogans for the government to stop and take notice. Nope.

I <3 u Pooja. Sunil was here. Sumit luv Soni. Yes, we Indians love us some PDA, in the form of carving out lovers' names on important heritage sites, presumably so that our romances stay etched across time and public space.

But if you thought this vandalism is only limited to Indian sites, allow us to disabuse you of that notion.

Redditor u/baawri_kathputli recently shared a photograph from CN Tower - a 553.3m high concrete communications and observation tower located in Downtown Toronto, Canada as proof that Indians love marking their, um, love everywhere.

Here's the photo shared:


Apart from 'Bhatt, PN and Shukla,' a quick zoom-in on the image shows '30 Sept 2000' scribbled on the skyline. And it reminded Redditors of 3 Idiots and The Shawshank Redemption.

While some saw the funny side of the photo, others weren't very supportive of the 'public art'.

And when someone tried defending the 'tagging,' saying it has a charm to it, people were even less impressed.

You can join the thread here.