Sumatra's Leuser Ecosystem is being destroyed leaving Orangutans and tigers on verge of extinction

Nupur Jha
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The Indonesian island of Sumatra nestles a vast ecosystem, known as the Leuser Ecosystem. It spreads over 6.5 million acres and comprises some of the world's most ancient forests, lowland jungles, and peat swamps. 

Due to the man-made hazard the Sumatran orangutan ape species could be the first one to go extinct. The population of tigers and rhinos in Sumatra have depleted too because of the harm caused by humans to the Leuser Ecosystem. If the ecosystem gets destroyed, numerous species of flora and fauna will be lost forever.

This region wasn't disturbed my humans for a millennia and has been defined as one of the most biodiverse area one on Earth, with the migrating species, fluctuating sea levels and volcanic eruptions.

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The Leuser Ecosystem is the last place where different species of flora and fauna like elephants, tigers, rhinos, orangutans, insects, frogs and birds, can be found living together.

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This ecosystem is a rich source of numerous species of birds, animals, amphibians and reptiles. Around 382 bird species, 105 animal species and a total of 95 amphibian and reptile species can be found in Leuser, as reported by

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The rains produced by these forests help in providing clear water for drinking and agriculture to the millions of people living in the local. 

Though the Leuser forest was being safeguarded by the Indonesian law, the ecosystem is now facing danger.

"Corporate interests such as industrial pulp and palm oil plantations, mining and logging operations, energy projects, and all the roads and infrastructure that are built to support them, are eating away at every corner of the Ecosystem," as quoted by

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Further destruction of the prevailing peat swamps and lowland forests by burning, clearing and draining is destroying the ecosystem further affecting the birds and animal species of the forests adversely by making them prone to extinction. 

Saving Leuser Ecosystem campaign:

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