Suicide cases on rise due to unemployment: Youth Congress

Debraj Deb
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The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy in its report published in December 2019 said that Tripura, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh witnessed the highest unemployment levels in the country

The Indian Youth Congress (IYC) Thursday said that the cases of suicides in the country are increasing due to a rise in unemployment.

Speaking at a press conference in Agartala, IYC spokesperson Ashutosh Chatterjee said that unemployment is the highest in the country in the last 45 years while the government is misleading youths in the name of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC revision.

"Deaths due to suicides are on the rise due to unemployment. In Tripura, unemployment has significantly increased and has now crossed 27 per cent. The state now ranks second in the top five states with unemployment in the country," Chatterjee said while citing a recently released report by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy.

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In its report published in December 2019, CMIE said that Tripura, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh witnessed the highest unemployment levels in the country with unemployment analysed at over 20 percent. As per the report, Tripura had an unemployment rate of 28.6 per cent following by Haryana at 27.6 per cent.

Training guns on the central government over CAA, Chatterjee said, "CAA is a tool devised by the government to divert the attention of youths away from crucial issues including unemployment. Joblessness is rising ever since the Narendra Modi-led BJP government came into power. While they promised to give 2 crore jobs but now they are terminating people from their existing jobs."

Terming the central government as "circus", Chatterjee further questioned how the government can afford to spend Rs. 46 crores for each detention camp being built in the country but is unable to produce jobs.

The BJP government in Tripura, before coming to power in 2018, had promised that will fulfill nearly 50 thousand vacant posts during their tenure. Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb had announced in December last year that 2,300 people were given government jobs during the 20 months of his government. Out of those, 1,903 were appointed on a regular scale, he claimed.

Meanwhile, Congress has also launched a National Register of Unemployment (NRU) and have announced a national toll-free campaign number for garnering support in favour of their of the movement.