Sudden split! Hours after Iggy Azalea confirmed she was dating NFL star DeAndre Hopkins, she declared herself 'single' again

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Iggy Azalea’s love life falls into the “it’s complicated” category.

A hot minute after confirming that she was dating NFL superstar DeAndre Hopkins, the “Fancy” singer, 28, took to Twitter to declare that she is single. And not just single for the summer — single forever.

Yesterday, singer Iggy Azalea said she’s dating NFL player DeAndre Hopkins. Today, she says she’s not. (Photos: Getty Images)

While playing “True or False” on the Y100 radio station in Miami, the Aussie performer was asked whether she was dating the 26-year-old Houston Texans wide receiver. She quickly answered, “Yeah, we’re in a relationship.”

But faster than, well, Hopkins runs down a football field, Iggy took to Twitter to declare herself “single.”

She went on to say that she’s “come to the conclusion” she’s “going to be alone forever,” and that is something she’s “completely fine with.”

To illustrate her point, she shared a pie chart titled, “Will i ever find the love of my life?” Yes wasn’t even an option.

On Thursday, following Iggy’s posts, DeAndre shared his relationship status with the world as well. For the record, “ya boi is SINGLE!!” Note the caps and two exclamation points for emphasis.

It’s unclear what happened between the airing of the interview and when she hit “tweet” on her “I’m single” post. Maybe he didn’t like her going public with the romance? Maybe he didn’t consider them exclusive? So many maybes.

But let’s face it — Iggy doesn’t have the best history with ballers. Her split with NBA player Nick Young was brutal. Perhaps she should avoid them altogether.

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