Sudden change in MP's weather to affect health, take precautions: Medical experts

BHOPAL: Shift in the weather triggers certain illnesses and one needs to be little extra cautious, suggest medical experts. Fluctuating temperatures can influence the risk of spreading infectious diseases and raise health issues like headache, nasal and chest congestion, common cold, allergies etc.

Changes in weather basically challenge our immune system. The body gets used to a certain climate and when things change suddenly, the body has to try to adapt, but sometimes our bodies have a difficult time adjusting, which can trigger an illness, said a medical practitioner.

Staying hydrated, plenty of sleep, well-balanced diet, exercise and keeping stress under check are some of the tips medical experts shared to deal with the changing weather.

Even as mercury is making upward move, one must avoid AC as variation in indoor and outdoor temperatures may trigger headache. The change in temperatures can also bring fluctuations in body temperature as one might feel too chilly and then sweaty sometimes. Stuffy nose, chest congestion and cough are common issues people face because of changing weather conditions.

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Influenza viruses peak in winters, while rhinovirus (viral infectious agent in humans) causes cold in the spring. It can also spread to others easily, informed JP Hospital civil surgeon Dr Alka Pargania. But luckily due to rising temperature, virus remains inactive, she added.

The spring also brings with it seasonal allergies and special care to be taken by people who are allergic to pollens, said the medical officer, adding that spring is flowering season so pollen allergy is quite common during this season.

“A person prone to allergy should take preventive steps like maintain proper hygiene and staying away from flowers and pollens. Secondly, fluctuation in temperature leads to headaches, congestion and cold. During morning is chilly but by noon the temperature see a sudden rise and the body need to be fit to fsce the sudden temperature variations,” said the doctor.

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