Stunning turtle embryo picture wins the 2019 Nikon Photomicrography competition

The best pictures of really small things in 2019 have just been revealed and they include a baby turtle, spider and alligator.

The finalists from this year’s Nikon Photomicrography competition pack a big punch.

First prize was claimed by microscopy technician Teresa Zgoda and graduate Teresa Kugler for their photo of a turtle embryo.

They captured the image using fluorescence and stereo microscopy and image-stitching.

Mr Kugler said: “Microscopy lets us zoom in on the smallest organisms and building blocks that comprise our world – giving us a profound appreciation for the small things in life that far too often go unnoticed.”

Mr Zgoda added: “We are inspired by the beautiful images we see through the microscope.

“It’s humbling and deeply fulfilling to be able to share that science with other people.”


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Dr Igor Siwanowicz came second with his depth-colour coded projections of three stentors (single-cell freshwater protozoans).

Daniel Smith Paredes’s brilliant alligator embryo, which he snapped using immunofluorescence, was only good enough to claim the third prize.

In total, the competition recognised 86 photos, with three being given the top prize.

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