Stung By Controversy, TVF Postpones ‘Bisht, Please!’ Release

After a slew of allegations of sexual harassment were thrown at The Viral Fever’s CEO Arunabh Kumar, the digital content start-up has postponed the launch of their much awaited web series Bisht Please!

Here’s their official statement on the same:

Team TVFHi, We have all been looking forward to the release of Bisht, Please! for a long time. The excitement remains the same, but we are rescheduling the release. 

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Along with that, the Indian YouTube content creating pioneers have also done away with an on-ground event that was scheduled on 17 March in New Delhi. The event was supposed to be media showcase of the first three episodes of the web-series.

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So far, team TVF had continued to be resolute with their former statement on the issue even as it snowballed into a formal FIR being lodged against Arunabh Kumar. However, the cancellation of the on-ground event suggest that the digital content creators are facing considerable heat.

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