How Studyum Is Revolutionizing Learning and the Global Education

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Humanity has always quested for knowledge, and, with advanced technology at its fingerprints technology, learning has become easier than ever. People can access information and be educated from any part of the globe via the internet. According to reports, over 6 million Americans pursue online education, also known as e-learning.

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Humans are insatiable when it comes to acquiring knowledge. And a recent rise in the desire for a superior learning experience is a testament to that. People do not just seek how to learn, but also how to do it most conveniently and efficiently.

Studyum’s main objective is to transform the way people learn online. It represents the future of education and the most effective way to enhance e-learning. It enables teachers and students alike to create an intuitive online education environment through the application of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Teachers and students can set their learning pace and schedules using a reliable and engaging platform that facilitates analytics and outcome monitoring for performance improvement. Studyum offers an alternative that will revolutionize e-learning.

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What is Studyum?

Studyum is a next-generation learning platform that uses blockchain-based applications to manage online learning. Its three-dimension knowledge matrix combined with advanced technology offers both teachers and students a unique learning experience on a secure decentralized blockchain infrastructure.

It aims to improve learning by positioning learners to focus on their goals. On their journey to reach those goals, students are consistently encouraged by NFT rewards and certification given to them by their educators and coaches. Teaching experts are chosen based on how good of a fit students find them to be.

Studyum’s philosophy is to help people find the right way to learn, stay focused, and be connected. To enable students to learn their way without being inhibited by e-learning problems.

What Learning Problems is Studyum Aiming to Solve?

Studyum wants to solve problems that restrict a student's superior learning experience.

  • Students have difficulty retaining skills or information because the delivery format does not use a variety of learning styles.

  • Students struggle to engage with lessons and courses because the learning models are not adapted to suit their needs.

  • Most e-learning platforms offer poor quality content which does nothing to engage the students.

  • It is difficult for teachers and coaches to apply individualized learning due to a constant lack of time and resources.

  • Students are not motivated to learn and are not held accountable for their learning.

  • E-learning platforms do not track students’ learning progress.

  • There are no functional reward systems; students and teachers are not offered incentives for their efforts.

How is Studyum Changing the Education World?

Studyum aims to change the education world by providing students access to education content that will be delivered using the learning style they prefer. It will connect students across the globe through its platform based on blockchain and artificial intelligence. As such, it can accelerate administrative tracking and, subsequently, foster accountability through the immutable blockchain record.

Studyum’s goal is to create a learning system that improves how people learn by being highly customizable and inspiring. It will provide engaging content from experts that will educate in auditory, visual, and physical forms.

How is Studyum Different from Other Online Teaching Platforms?

  • It has a robust and unique teaching method that aims to enhance the formation of new social connections.

  • The theory is broken down into micro-lessons to facilitate learning.

  • It encourages student’s interest to learn through rewards that increase over time.

  • Studyum uses impactful learning tools to match education content with student learning styles, performances, and goals.

  • Its app creates an interactive environment where students can freely learn and connect.

  • It offers high flexibility, which enables students to decide when to learn and for how long.

  • The Studyum platform enables educators to upload content in 2D or 3D and create their own NFT collectible cards.

Studyum uses a decentralized platform where developers and educators can integrate their content. New content will be regularly verified using the developed technology to ensure courses meet the required standard. Through AI and blockchain technologies, the platform can easily determine whether a class is efficient and meets students’ learning needs.

It rewards students and educators to ensure continuity of learning and long-term retention of users. The rewards come in the form of the platform’s native tokens, STUD tokens, with the aim to encourage knowledge acquisition and incentivize students, educators, and institutions.

Introducing the latest scientific advances through Studyum Academy

Studyum aims to become a leading learning platform built on blockchain technology. It started a global transformation of education improving how people teach, learn, and develop themselves. Its combination of technological applications which include artificial intelligence, facial recognition, 3D avatars, and NFTfi trading all run on the blockchain.

Studyum’s recent project, Studyum Academy, was designed to analyze how different concepts reconcile with the Studyum ecosystem. The Academy will provide content on topics that define and help in the understanding of Studyum’s foundations. The content does not focus solely on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology but also cuts across other topics such as artificial intelligence, gamification, NFTfi, and education.

Experience the future of edtech through Studyum.

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