Study reveals strenuous daily exercise may shorten, not prolong, longevity

New Delhi, June 20 (ANI): Researchers analysed the longevity data for professional Japanese traditional artists, and found that Kabuki (classical Japanese dance-drama) actors, known for their vigorous movements, surprisingly had shorter lifespans compared with other traditional arts performers who lead mostly sedentary lifestyles. The findings published in the journal Palgrave Communications suggest that job-related strenuous exercise throughout life may not necessarily extend longevity. Frequent exercise is often touted as the key to leading a long and healthy life. But few studies have delved into comparisons in longevity between those who partake in vigorous physical activity and those who lead mostly sedentary lifestyles as a result of their occupation throughout their lives. Now, Naoyuki Hayashi and Kazuhiro Kezuka of Tokyo Tech's Institute of Liberal Arts have conducted an unusual study that calls into question the idea that vigorous daily exercise positively correlates with longevity. They compared the lifespans of four different groups of Japanese traditional arts performers by examining data from a total of 699 professional male artists, both living and dead, whose birth and death records are all publicly available.