Students in Karnataka learn tables with a musical twist, tweeple call it ‘innovative’

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"Wish my math teacher too was like their teacher during my school days," wrote a user while sharing the video.

While many students dread studying the math subject, government schools in Karnataka have come up with an interesting initiative -- Nali Kali -- to make learning more enjoyable for children.

As a part of the creative learning practice adopted by several schools, a video of students singing and dancing while learning multiplication tables has gone viral on social media, leaving many impressed.

"If only I was taught 3-Table like in this #Kannada school. Not sure about my #math, would have at least got good in #dance by now:)," tweeted a user Vasanthi Hariprakash while sharing the video.

Watch the video here:

In the 45-second video, which has gone viral with over 10,000 views, features a group of girls merrily dancing while learning the table of 3. The clip has prompted several reactions, with many praising the schools for making learning fun.

As reported by UNICEF, Nali Kali was developed in 1995 by teachers in Karnataka’s Mysore district as a strategy to adopt creative learning practices to help children retain better and encourage them from attending school.