Student Submits University Paper without Changing Hilarious Title. Netizens Want to Give Her 'A+'

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In an embarrassing yet funny incident, an university student submitted her paper without changing the title of the paper. The student would have perhaps given the rather sarcastic title in some kind of frustration but it is certain that she did not want to submit it with that title.

In a TikTok video accessed by The Daily Star, the title of the paper is clearly visible, which reads, “Stupid f- paper that has no meaning.” The video starts with the girl seen breaking down on the floor. The person who is recording the video then asks if it is possible to somehow resubmit the said document. Captioning her post, the person said, “My roommate submitted her mid-term paper without changing the title.”

It is also mentioned that since the inappropriate line is the title, it is printed on every single page of her mid-term paper. The grave error had the girl panicking and howling, throughout the video. In a subsequent post that was shared on the video sharing portal, it was informed that the student had written an apology mail to her teacher. The apology mail read, “This morning I turned in my mid-term synthesis paper and I thought I had double checked everything. After I turned it in, I realised the title is not appropriate and not what I wanted it to be. I am very sorry and understand that it is not appropriate. It was a rough draft and I tend to do this on my papers to help me get started. I am attaching the correct document. Once again, I am so sorry.” Fortunately, the correct mid-term paper was accepted after the student wrote the mail.

Interestingly, even though the girl was apologetic for the title, many netizens were of the opinion that it was apt.

A user said, "Don't change it! Paper titles are supposed to draw the reader in. This is perfect."

Another one added, "Catchy title. It makes your paper stand out." Someone added, "I’m a prof. I’d laugh and grade the work."

A different person stated, "I’d give her an A+.”