Stuck Due to Covid, This Group of NRIs in Bengaluru Reaching Out to Citizens in Need

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The coronavirus pandemic has brought several families closer even as it took away many of our loved ones. It has also helped create a group of like-minded and able people, mostly non-resident Indians (NRIS) who are reaching out to those in need.

One such individual is Jyotsna Prasad. The California-based engineer is usually unable to visit her family in Bengaluru as frequently she would wish to and had not met her mother in more than two years.

Hence, she decided to fly down to the tech city two months ago when the pandemic seemed to have been contained. And, then, the second wave of the virus struck and she got stuck. Unable to go back to the US, Prasad then decided to help the needy in these trying times. She got in touch with volunteers around and began helping patients find beds and oxygen supplies. Several other NRIs who are currently in Bengaluru have joined them. Soon, it turned into a huge group of volunteers who undertook the work on a large scale.

"Our phones are always ringing. We know very well that what we do is not sufficient given the magnitude of sufferings. But we would not stop either," said Prasad. The team has trained a number of youths, mostly college students, to conduct vaccination survey and reach out to people.

These students visit each and every household of the assigned area and collect information of people living there, their age and health conditions above anything. If they find out about eligible individuals who have not received the vaccine for the fear or lack of knowledge, they convince and take them to get the jab. Distributing food materials and necessary items to homes of the needy are also being done simultaneously.

Through the Sewa foundation, the NRI members have donated around 5 million dollars that is being used to procure oxygen cylinders, medicines and essentials.

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