Stuart Broad speaks to team's psychologist, admits upcoming series will be 'more of a mental test'

London [UK], June 29 (ANI): England pacer Stuart Broad believes that international cricket with no crowds will be "more of a mental test" as he speaks to team's sports psychologist to get to the right mindset ahead of the series against West indies.

"I think the games will feel a bit different with no crowds. International cricket certainly will be more of a mental test to make sure each player is right up for the battle, and I'm very aware of that," ESPNcricinfo quoted Broad as saying.

"I've already spoken to our sports psychologist about creating a bit of a mindset around making sure I can get my emotions up to where they need to be for me to be at my best," he added.

A three-match Test series between England and West Indies will mark international cricket's resumption next month after a long hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. However, matches will be behind closed door due to the concerns regarding the spread of coronavirus.

Broad said he performs at his best as a player under pressure but is aware that 'certain scenarios' affects his performance.

"If you put me in an Ashes game or a pre-season friendly, I know which one I'll perform better in. So I've got to make sure my emotions are where they need to be for an international Test match, and that's something I started working on in early June," he said.

"It's a worry for me, because I know that I perform at my best as a player under pressure, when the game is at its most exciting and when the game needs changing. And I know that there are certain scenarios that bring the worst out of me as a cricketer, and that is when I feel the game is just floating along and there is nothing [riding] on the game," Broad added.

The first Test between both the teams will be begin on July 8. (ANI)