New and Struggling Actors Deserve Respect Too: Divyanka Tripathi

The rape of a minor on the eve of Independence Day has led the actor to voice her protests on social media.

TV actor Divyanka Tripathi is always frank when it comes to speaking her mind on social media. The Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor has something to say regarding the kind of treatment TV artists are subjected to, especially those who are not playing lead roles. She posted an angry tweet addressing the Cine and TV Artistes Association, pointing to the shabby treatment being handed out to her fellow actors, on the sets of a show.

Even though Divyanka didn’t explain the reason behind her strong comment, her complaint is not something new. The industry has a notorious reputation when it comes to the respect given to lead actors as compared to character artists, strugglers and newcomers.

According to a report, Divyanka explained the incident that made her angry.

Divyanka Tripathi, TV ActorThe other day, I came across an instance where some actors were ill-treated and it was such a disheartening thing to see. Some people, who I wish not to name, treated a few character artists in the most inappropriate manner. I mean, we are all actors and actors should be given the respect they deserve. There are many actors who are doing their first show and because this is their first experience, they are ready to push the limits and go overboard when it comes to working.

It’s great to see the down to earth actor speak up for those who don’t enjoy the same kind of limelight as her, but work just as hard, maybe even more.

(With inputs from Bollywoodlife)

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