Strugler App: News That’ll Cheer up Struggling Bollywood Actors

Each year, Mumbai, the city of dreams, attracts thousands of youngsters from different parts of the country. While a very small percentage of these boys and girls are able to find satisfactory work, a large majority ends up being disillusioned given the harsh reality of the nature of struggle involved in the world of botox and fake tans. The big alluring world of Hindi cinema is an enigma of sorts for most who land up in the city in the hope of becoming the next ‘Bollywood star’.

There is respite for all such wannabe stars in the form of an app devised by someone who aspired for stardom himself. 21-year-old Karmaditya Bagga, who was pursuing his engineering degree in the US, dropped out of the course after he was bitten by the acting bug. In fact, he was deeply interested in Bollywood from a young age. As told to The Huffington Post, during one of his semester breaks, he decided to try his luck in the film world. It was during this phase that he confronted numerous problems.

“I started looking for auditions. But it’s not easy to find auditions and there is absolutely no platform where you can find reliable auditions.”

Once he realised there were thousands of strugglers without any connections in the film industry present in Mumbai waiting for a chance to audition, he used his engineering skills and teamed up with two friends to start the ‘Strugler’ app. The app informs the user about the date and place of auditions scheduled in the city, and outside, using GPS.

(Photo: App screenshot)

Explaining the features of the app, Bagga said, "An actor can select a specific city or the 'near me' option to find suitable auditions.”

(Photo: App screenshot)

The app also has a 'navigation' feature which helps with the exact location of the premises where the auditions are being held.