How To Make A Strong Password?

As all our personal data is on our mobile devise or computer systems, the use of technology also has made our data vulnerable. We must protect our data from getting hacked. To keep the data secure, one technique is to keep everything password protected. But the necessary condition is to keep that password strong and difficult for hackers to crack.
This is now you know and today we have come to tell you how to make a strong password.
1. Keep passwords long
When you are creating a password, your password must have 12 characters minimum. Shorter passwords are easier to crack. So it is advised to have longer passwords.
2. Combination of characters
When you are creating a long password, try using a mix of capital letters, lower case letters, symbols and numbers. If you will create a mixed character password, it will be harder to crack.
3. Use non sensical phrases
Avoid using dictionary words or phrases that makes sense. It must be easy for you to remember but difficult for hackers to crack. You can create passwords from the literature you consume. If you will use phrases that will not make sense to other people, it would be difficult to guess and hence difficult to crack.
Create a strong and difficult to crack password, and keep your data safe!