The Story Behind Space City, a Genius Advertising Agency

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Selling is a stellar combination of art and science. It requires persistent skill and creativity to influence people into buying the product. Selling is considered the most important market activity in many organizations, and advertising happens to be the cherry on the top.

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Advertising a product is as crucial as making the product breathe. A company cannot simply launch its product or service and wait for customers to purchase it. It is quite obvious that the customer will not invest in the service or the product until they are informed about it or convinced to buy it. Advertising, especially TV advertising, plays an effective role in publicizing the product. Although the world is experiencing a digital trend, television remains the most dominant advertising medium in many households worldwide. TV advertising is undoubtedly the best form of advertising because a large audience still prefers watching TV's content compared to the content available on the internet.

‘Space City’ or ‘Space City Productions' fits perfectly in this context. It is the UK's leading independent advertising agency that specializes in the production of TV commercials. Space City is one of the few advertising agencies that still prioritize television advertising instead of internet marketing.

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Giving A Spin To The Traditional TV Advertising

Founded in 1992 by Victor Van Amerongen and Amanda Alexander, Space City is based in Hammersmith, London. The advertising company reached the heights of success because it was managed under excellent leadership. Victor was a former BBC and ITV producer, and Amanda was a composer of television signature tunes. The pair used their expertise gained from the former workplaces and applied it completely to the new venture turning it into a success.

Space City was formed with an aim to ‘create advertisements that have an impact.’ They did not appreciate the concept of producing headless advertisements. Their focus has always been to think through the idea, search for a creative angle, put themselves in the customers' shoes, and then come up with something that is catchy, motivated, and does the job. The company released its first-ever UK commercial for a price comparison website, ‘,' in 2002.

The market of TV advertisement began sinking with the emergence of internet marketing. There was a drastic shift in audience from the TV to the internet. Due to this, the quality of the content produced on TV along with the advertisements began declining. As Space City solely revolved around TV advertising, they could not allow their quality to deteriorate as it was not something they supported from the beginning. To bring back the audience and build their interests back into TV, Space City began producing advertisements with catchy jingles and extremely creative ideas.

The talented and imaginative Space City team put in great amounts of effort and strengths to create quirky musical jingles for several brands such as the Moonpig, Britannia Hotels, and Go Compare, which turned out to be very popular among the masses.

The Space City advertising agency believes in the theory of brand and customer response. Their unique approach of combining the marketing techniques of brand awareness and the direct response has resulted in creating TV commercials that received great response and feedback from the customers and brands alike. The creative heads at this advertising agency believe in developing diverse and original content, ensuring that the audience can easily relate or feel associated with the product’s advertisement. Their most effective and successful advertisements have been their call-to-action jingles.

Internet marketing has taken the world of marketing by storm. Every single brand that exists has invested in internet marketing. Still, Space City has beaten all odds and has raised the bar of television commercials with its out of the box ideas and innovative approach. They believe that TV has permanently made its place in every house and is irreplaceable. Keeping this as a vision, they moved forward to revive TV advertisements and clearly became successful.

In 2018 and 2019, Space City had billings of over £50 million, ranking at the 28th position in the Campaign Magazine chart of UK agencies. Space City has consistently topped the Televisual magazine poll for producing more adverts than any other UK agency since 2000. In addition to this, Space City has won a number of business awards, including the Hammersmith & Fulham ‘Employer of the Year’ and ‘Best Creative Business’ accolades, and the SME News ‘Best Commercial Advertising Agency 2020.’

Space City is primarily known for its expertise in the production of Direct Response (DRTV) commercials. With experience of more than 25 years in the advertising industry, Space City has established itself and has become a well-recognized advertising agency. It has created a TV advertisement for renowned brands like Cadbury’s, Unilever, Universal Music, Unison, Virgin Experience Days, Kenwood Travel, and many more.

This innovative adverting agency continues to produce compelling and meaningful TV commercials that impact consumers and convince them to buy the product.