The Story Behind the Ink of Viking Barbie

Team Latestly
·2-min read

Known for her jaw-dropping good looks and her scroll-stopping online content, Viking Barbie is more than just your average Instagram hottie. This digital vixen is also breaking boundaries with her body art and musical talents.

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For Viking Barbie, her toned, beautiful skin has become the canvas for some incredible works of art that are helping her draw interest from fans and agents. The intricate and complex tattoos - designed exclusively for her skin by renowned tattoo artist Sergio Sanchez - are visual interpretations of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Together with Sanchez, Viking Barbie developed tattoo sleeves that loosely interpret each of the deadly sins that are believed to lead to the total destruction and depravity of mankind. Beautifully and tastefully inked onto her arms are the sins of wrath, vanity, gluttony, and lust. But what would drive a beauty such as Viking Barbie to bring to life such dark themes on her body for the world to see?

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The inspiration for her seven deadly tats finds its birth in Viking Barbie’s love for the Epics, and brings to life her struggles and victories over mental health issues throughout her life. “My issues with excess and obsession was something that I've struggled with… This is why I wanted a reminder on my arms.”

The Seven Deadly Sins aren’t Viking Barbie’s only ink. She also has a heartfelt “Daddy” tattoo, an homage of love and respect to the vixen’s father and famous wrestler Jeep Swenson. Joking that she has a bit of a “god complex” due to her upbringing around the rich, successful, and famous, Viking Barbie’s ink services as a daily reminder of the struggles that come with fame and fortune - and her victory over the vices that try to keep this beauty from having it all.

Want to see Viking Barbie’s unique tattoos - as well as everything else this bombshell has to offer? Follow Viking Barbie online at @viking.barbie. You can find more exclusive pictures, videos, and new music releases from her online!