Storm Area 51 Event Cancelled or Happening? What Is Area 51 Raid Date and Time? Will the Area 51 Raid Be Live Streamed and More Queries Answered!

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Area 51, the most awaited and controversial event that triggered international concern, is supposed to happen today, September 20, 2019. Even after the US military warnings, millions registered to attend the Facebook event. As per the recent news, two Dutch nationals who are YouTubers by profession have been arrested for trespassing on the Nevada National Security Site. They were sentenced to a year in prison but was suspended, and the two will spend a total of three days in the county jail. Besides, there are also reports that Facebook might be facing legal action over the viral event. Storm Area 51, the event that was originally created as a joke has received significant reactions. The creator Matty Roberts, had cancelled the event, the moment it triggered international attention, but people are still attempting to visit the site. Storm Area 51 event cancelled or happening? What is Area 51 raid date and time? Will the Facebook event be live-streamed? These are the top trending questions on Google. And we have all the queries answered here.

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What Day Is the Area 51 Raid?

When the Facebook event was created, ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,’ it was decided that Area 51 raid would happen on September 20, 2019, which is today. But the event creator, Matty Roberts had already cancelled it, when the event gained huge attention along with US military. Strippers to Storm Area 51? Nevada’s Adult Entertainment Company Plans to Bring Dancers to Look for Aliens. 

What Is the Area 51 Raid?

Area 51 raid is a Facebook event that was created to storm the highly classified US Air Force base which is the centre of several conspiracy theories related to the extra-terrestrial events.

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Where Is Area 51 Raid Event?

Area 51 is the common name of a highly classified the United States Air Force (USAF) facility which is located within the Nevada Test and Training Range. It is at Groom Lake, a dry lake bed in the Nevada Desert, miles away from Las Vegas. What goes on inside is extremely secret, and the Facebook event was created to storm the area in the hope to find aliens.

Where Is the Entrance to the Area 51 Raid?

Area 51 is a highly secured space, and it is not open for the public. They are kept away by warning signs, electronic surveillance and armed guards. The event is cancelled, and the entrance to the area 51 raid is not opened for the members of the public.

Will the Area 51 Raid Be Live-Streamed?

No, the raid will not be live-streamed because the event is not happening. The Area 51 event has been cancelled long back, when it gathered US military and political attention.

Area 51 was created during the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union as a testing and development facility for aircraft, including the U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance planes. Warning signs in Area 51 make it clear that no trespassers will be tolerated. Arrests have already been made, and the military discourages anyone from even trying to come into the area.