Stories behind WWE's best entrance songs of all time

Sayak Basu

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15 Oct 2018: Stories behind WWE's best entrance songs of all time

The first impression which a wrestler creates goes a long way in shaping her/his character as well as building a loyal fan base.

And nothing works better than a great entrance song. It not only introduces the character but also is an integral part of the entire gimmick.

Here are the best WWE entrance songs of all time.

CM Punk: Cult of Personality: CM Punk

When CM Punk left the WWE, he was one of the most popular wrestlers of his time.

He was on his way to becoming an edgier version of Stone Cold.

He was amazing in the ring as well as with microphone, and Cult of Personality by Living Color suited him the best.

Punk himself is a cult figure and this increases the song's validity.

Stone Cold: I Won't Do What You Tell Me: Stone Cold

WWE universe stands up on its feet whenever the sound of breaking glass is heard around the arena.

Everybody realizes at once that the Texas Rattlesnake will be out and ready to strike anything that moves.

WWE's in-house composer Jim Johnston created the theme for Stone Cold, and it works like a sudden adrenaline rush setting the mood for Stone Cold's rampage.

Shawn Michaels: Sexy Boy: Nothing could suit the Heartbreak Kid better

One of the most recognizable WWE songs, Sexy Boy perfectly matches Shawn's gimmick which was of a corny character with great looks over whom girls drool all the time.

Given the fact that Shawn Michaels himself sang the song, makes it more relatable for the fans.

'Sexy Beast' has now become a wrestling anthem for fans hearing it since 1993.

Edge: Metalingus: Alter Bridge accompanied Edge's entrance

This is probably the most loved entrance theme by the WWE fans, and it goes perfectly with Edge.

The song is catchy, and the high vocal range of Miles Kennedy reverbing across the arena is scintillating and infectious.

The unique part about this song is that it was not meant as a WWE theme when it was first released, but gelled perfectly with Edge.

Triple H: The Game: Motorhead gives Triple H an edge

The Game by Motorhead is another WWE classic and introduces Triple H perfectly as the 'Cerebral Assassin'.

The song makes it clear that you are about to play a game which is beyond your control and the only result for you will be a loss.

Motorhead even performed the song live during two WrestleMania entrances of Triple H.