#StopKRK! First Chhota Bheem, now Kamaal R Khan calls Mohanlal a joker; gets mercilessly trolled

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Seems Kamaal R Khan aka KRK has no plans to stop insulting actor Mohanlal. After stating that the superstar looks like Chhota Bheem, the self proclaimed film critic has again taken a dig on five-time National award winning actor, who has immense fan following across the globe.

It all started with KRK's tweet on Tuesday night: "Sir @Mohanlal you look like Chota Bheem so then how will u play role of Bheem in Mahabharata? Why do you want to waste money of B R shetty?" This was followed by fans of Mohanlal abusing KRK and criticising him for making such insulting comments on the renowned and talented actor.

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On Wednesday evening, KRK again had a series of tweets, asking why Keralites are abusing him, and even went to the extent claiming that Mohanlal looked like a joker in the movies he has seen so far. The controversial person has also claimed himself to be a bigger star, based on the number of Twitter followers he has, compared to the Malayalam actor. Meanwhile, it has to be noted that while Mohanlal is being followed by over 4.2 million social media users on Facebook, KRK just has 3.5 lakh followers.

However, Mohanlal has maintained a dignified silence without commenting on the statements made by KRK.

And Mr. KRK, don't ever call yourself a bigger star than Mohanlal !

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Here are the recent tweets by KRK on Mohanlal:

Sir @Mohanlal you look like Chota Bheem so then how will u play role of Bheem in Mahabharata? Why do you want to waste money of B R shetty?

Can't understand why Malayali ppl r abusing me since morning? M I wrong abut Mohanlal who is not equal 2Hathiyar of Bheem n wants 2play him?

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Sir @Mohanlal I have seen you in few films of @RGVzoomin n this is why I know you, n believe me u were looking like a joker in those films.

So if I called you Chota Bheem what you are really, then why are ur fans abusing me since morning? It's not fair sir

U idiot fans of @Mohanlal Aka Laalten Aka Chota Bheem, he has 1.7million follower n I have 3.7million. Calculate to know who is bigger star.

U idiot fans of Mohanlal, even Madhur Bhandarkar has got 3national awards + Padma Shri, who is not worth of Ghanta award also. So f**k off.

People pls see this Chota Bheem. It will be a biggest insult of Bheem if this joker plays role of greatest Bheem.

There is only one super star Prabhas (Bahubali) in India, who can play my favourite character greatest Bheem of #Mahabharata! Good night!

Starcast of #Mahabharatha- Prabhas- Bheem, Rana- Duryodhan, Aamir- Arjun, SRK-Karan, Ranbir-Abhimanyu, Salman-Eklavya, Deepika-Dropadi!

I would love to play Role of Krishna in #Mahabharata because he was also from Mathura UP like I am from UP.

This is how netizens have reacted to the tweets of KRK on superstar Mohanlal:

Jayasurya Jayan 


Anand Neelakantan

Who is this person called KRK ? Where was he before? Never heard of him before. Was he watching Chotta Bheem & eating lollipops at his home?

Yashan Jokhi‏ 

now i know the secret of your quick fame. Abuse in the most creative & bold way. Way to go....

Bartosz Czarnotta

Lalettan is a legend, an icon and an inspiration for millions, including me. I will speak against anyone who try to get some public attention by insulting legends.

Deepak Padmakumar‏ 

KRK if you ask @Mohanlal he may give you a chance as a light boy in Mahabharata:) please beg and fell on his feet ,he is so kind :)

Tinu Cherian Abraham‏

What is insulting is not what an attention seeker like KRK saying about Mohanlal, but a pathetic actor 's opinions like a frog in the well

Vishnu Subramanian‏

Heard someone make fun of a legend #Mohanlal..searched for #krk all I saw was a bitch barking..avoid this bitch guys..cheap shot at fame..

Sarath kumar

Before Your Comment about Mohan Lal, We Malayalees didnt even Know Your Name. You should thank Mohanlal for making you famous in South India

Nisha Madav

Better u delete this account or change ur password half an hour gap.If mallu hackers has started their work.Then pongaala.Pongala theriyumaa


Not only Mohanlal FANS, We Mammootty fans and whole Keralites are here to show our protest against ur illiterate comment. What a Stupidity.., How can a Actors skill is valued with Twitter followers., U r nothing to judge even a hair of Legend Lalettan.,

Arun C Parameswar‏ 

Lalettan have 4.25 million likes on his Fb what about you so called Bheema

salim km‏ 

If you want to be famous try some new ways.. Not this way.. He has got a lot of national and state awards.. have u got anything of these..

Arya Nair‏ 

vijay mallya had more than 5.8 million followers but now he?..and how many national award have youu got krk?

Amal Nair‏ 

Never visit Kerala. We warn you.

Arun Varghese‏

He is doing all this for Publicity ,
to become famous suddenly , best way to abuse a celebrity !!

Benoy Thomas‏ 

He has 320 movies, 5 National Awards, 6 State Awards, 8 Filmfare Awards, Padma Shri, honourary rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Who is big again?

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