'Stop eating if inflation is a national calamity': BJP MLA

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04 Jun 2021: 'Stop eating if inflation is a national calamity': BJP MLA

People who call inflation a national calamity should quit eating and using fuel, says Bharatiya Janata Party legislator and former Chhattisgarh Minister Brijmohan Agrawal. His bizarre comment, which came at a time when retail prices are skyrocketing across the country, has drawn sharp criticism from the ruling Congress and the leaders of other parties. Here are more details on this.

Statement: 'They should quit food and stop using petrol'

"If inflation is a national calamity, then I think those who are calling it so should stop eating and drinking. They should quit food and stop using petrol," Agrawal said on Thursday. "I think if Congressmen and those who have voted for Congress will do so, the inflation would automatically come down," he went on. A video of him saying so has gone viral.

Fact: You can watch the video here

Clarification: 'It was sarcasm': Agrawal attempts to clarify his statement

Offering a clarification on his statement, Agrawal today told PTI, "While interacting with reporters, I satirically made a statement that if Congressmen stop eating and using petrol, inflation would decline as the state Congress chief had termed inflation as a national calamity." He said it was a sarcastic comment and it was not his intention to ask people to stop eating or using petrol.

Criticism: Congress leaders slam Agrawal over the comment

Agrawal's statement has invited flak from many. Chhattisgarh Congress leader Shailesh Nitin Trivedi said BJP leaders cannot realize the pain of the common man. "Making such a vague statement is very shameful. They will later say that those who oppose the Centre should quit India," he said, according to PTI. Congress' Gaurav Pandhi tweeted, "How about people stop supporting the ARROGANT & SHAMELESS BJP?"

Inflation: Centre faces criticism as prices touch new records in India

Leaders of several Opposition parties have slammed the BJP-led central government as people across the country are suffering from rising inflation. Fuel prices in India today touched a new all-time high as both petrol and diesel prices jumped by nearly 30 paise more. Recently, prices of cooking oils had also soared to their highest point in 11 years.

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