Stolen in 1984, figure of Goddess Laxmi-Narayan returns to its home in Nepal

A stolen figure of goddess Laxmi Narayan has returned to its home in Nepal. The idol was being worshipped at Patan's Patko Tole till 1984 when the statue went missing and later traced to a museum in Dallas, US. The figure was officially handed over to the Nepal Embassy in US during an official ceremony last month after the Nepali authorities provided evidences proving its origins to the Himalayan nation. "This statue which was kept in museum of Dallas, our mission there held four rounds of meeting and we provided them the evidences which belong to us. We have provided the documents as evidence and it matched, after matching those evidences Government of United States of America agreed to return it back and handed it over to our Embassy there," said Yadav Prasad Koirala, Culture Secretary of Nepal after the figure returned in Kathmandu.