How To Stimulate Brain Health During Lockdown?

The coronavirus pandemic and social distancing along with the lockdown have significantly affected many people, making them feel anxious, alone, and a tad bit lost without a set routine and schedule.
While cleaning, decluttering and other activities at home might have helped in keeping you physically active, but you also need to give your brain a proper workout to keep it healthy and sharp.
This is now you know and today in this video we will tell you how you can stimulate your brain health during lockdown-

• Keep a schedule

While staying at home can completely ruin your schedule and make you go off track, you can always try to maintain a proper schedule and follow a routine to keep your brain functioning properly. Begin by writing down the tasks and events in a notebook or a planner and set a to-do list daily. Also, limit your distractions and focus on your work so that you can complete it in a set time and keep working according to your set schedule.

• Stay mentally active

Just like a physical activity helps in keeping your body in the right shape, mentally stimulating activities keep your brain in shape, especially during these trying times. To keep your brain active and boost your brainpower, you can play games like chess, or card games or you can learn to play a musical instrument. Meditating, journaling, or engaging in activities like cooking, painting, etc can also prove to be effectively helpful.

• Socialize regularly

Although you cannot go outside to meet your friends everyday, that doesn't mean you can not socialize with them. social interaction helps ward off stress, anxiety, and depression and keeps your mental health in the right condition. It is the right time to interact with long lost friends and family through calls or video chats or you can meet them by maintaining a proper social distance.

So, don't wait anymore and start doing these activities to boost your brainpower.

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