Still From 2014 Bhojpuri Film Viral as ‘Hindus Tortured in Bengal’

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Amid the high pitched Assembly elections in West Bengal, a still from Bhojpuri film ‘Aurat Khilona Nahi’ which was released in 2014 is doing the rounds on social media with a claim that it shows Hindus being “tortured” in the state.


The viral image shows a man forcibly disrobing a woman on the streets with hundreds of people standing around and watching.

The caption reads: “In Bengal, the houses of Hindus are burnt, temples are being demolished. Nevertheless the UN shanti duniya silent world only speaks for the Rohingyos. Gaddar will now fight for our brothers #StandWithBengalHindus” (sic)

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An archived version of the tweet can be accessed <a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:here" class="link rapid-noclick-resp">here</a>.
An archived version of the tweet can be accessed here.

The aforementioned image is being widely circulated on Twitter. (Archived version of the same can be viewed here and here.)

The same image had earlier gone viral in 2018 with a claim that it shows BSP leader Bakruddin Ansari molesting a Dalit woman.


We ran a reverse image search on the viral photo and found a 2014 blogpost which carried the same image.

As per the blog, the said image is a still from a Bhojpuri film titled ‘Aurat Khilona Nahi’ which released in 2014 and highlights the atrocities on women.

We found the full movie uploaded on YouTube.

The said still can be seen 2 hours and 11 minutes into the film.

Among others, Bhojpuri star and BJP leader Manoj Tiwari and Monalisa Biswas featured in the movie.

Clearly, a still from a feature film has resurfaced on the internet amid the West Bengal Assembly elections with false claims.

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