'Stickbaby Juan' is set to release 'Project Baby' this month

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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02 Nov 2020: 'Stickbaby Juan' is set to release 'Project Baby' this month

Jakevion Brown, known professionally as 'Stickbaby Juan,' is confident that his music would unite people across the world, irrespective of their backgrounds, compulsions, and limitations.

Currently, this American hip-hop artist and songwriter, who is based in Georgia, is set to release a mixtape called 'Project Baby' on November 20.

Juan's fame began in September, 2020 after the release of his debut single, OG Brad.

Success: Both his singles have helped him gain a fan base

His successful debut was followed by Luv her, which amassed over 100,000+ streams. He also gained many positive reviews from critics.

His subsequent release, a debut mixtape featured exclusively on MyMixtapez, contained both the singles he had released earlier.

Recently, Stickbaby Juan moved to Atlanta from where he has been able to grow and attend to his fan base, and manage his music better.

Inspirations: His sister and other artists inspired him to write songs

For Juan, writing a song was an intimidating task at first.

He always thought that writing his own songs was beyond him. However, his interest in music led him to new songs.

He was also inspired by his older sister who used to write songs, and rap artists like Lil Wayne, Jay Z.

Soon, Juan started writing songs and became a successful rapper.

Music: For Juan, music is the best way of expression

The young rapper wants his music to reach millions of people so that they can experience the joy of music and unify because of it.

Juan finds music to be the best way to express and convey the true feelings of his heart.

He is active on Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Pandora, and iHeartRadio, as 'Stickbaby Juan'.