How Steve Miguel Became an Online Trading and Marketing Sensation is Rising From The Ashes

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You would have heard “Fix you” by Coldplay! In the song, the lyricist says, at one point, that sometimes you try your level best but still things don’t work for you, then all you have to do in that situation is stay put and stay right there, for it will work eventually! The success story of this young serial entrepreneur Steve Miguel also follows the same fashion. When life gives you lemons, make yourself a lemonade out of it. Not letting the spirits fall and turning hardships into opportunities is all about Steve’s life. He is a philanthropist, online trading guru, network marketing expert, and a serial entrepreneur who is now making some real fat stacks.

Things were not always this bright for young Steve. He started right from the bottom and made his way to the top, ultimately. Hailing from Benin, Africa, he always had big dreams in his little eyes. However, he lacked the sense of surety about his goals. He made all the decisions under the peer pressure of society, family, or friends. But not until he decided to take the steering wheel into his own hands.

Steve graduated from the National School of Applied Economics and Management. Starting his career as a financial accountant, he found the 9 to 5 grind too exhausting and tiresome. However, it was still better than having nothing in hand. But it was quite clear to young Steve, even at that time, that he surely wouldn’t want to get old doing this office job and get retired eventually. Hence, he decided to venture out a bit and found his mentor in 2016, who sparked this streak of doing something unique and BIG in him. This mentor of Steve was making the same amount of money as him but in one month instead of the whole year. Anyway, despite spending one year and working with two companies, Steve remained way behind his targets. According to himself, he was only able to achieve 5% of his estimated target. During that tenure, Steve polished his skills. He was planning to emerge as an influence and a BIG name in the market for years to come.

Time challenged young Steve to go beyond the limits and test himself to stand against all these odds. The time when no one believes in you, even your family and friends start to doubt your dreams, is the time you need to stay determined and carry on with your momentum, not paying heed to whatever anybody is saying. Steve himself said that all that time of obstacles, failed attempts, and defeats taught him MORE about who he was than anything else. One of the reasons he was able to get the results was that he NEVER gave up!

Eventually, after some years, both time and luck worked in his favor, and all his hard work started bearing fruit. The opportunity enabled Steve to quit his 9 to 5 job. He did so because he was already making ten times more than what his regular office job was making him earn. He had two major income streams, both worth thousands of dollars. Now, he is making around $4,000,000 from his online forex trading venture, making it a five-figure earning, and $22,000 per month from network marketing, making it a six-figure earning per year. Altogether, he is generating close to $2,64,000 a year. He is not alone in this journey of becoming the next tycoon of forex and network marketing. His partners are also working day and night beside him. Together they are running some of the most influential names in the network marketing and online trading sector.

No matter how hard the circumstances get, only if you believe in yourself you can do it. It was “Never give up!” attitude that made Steve survive the tests of time. Also, all this progress Steve made in both these sectors is for making the world a better place. He has enabled thousands of his clients, both local and international, to attain their desired results by availing themselves of his services. He has also empowered the youth a lot by showing them that the 9 to 5 grind is not the ultimate life they are supposed to live. The world is revolutionizing, and the future is DIGITAL. You can have yourself a good enough fortune and net-worth by working online in the right direction.

Now, Steve is looking forward to giving back to society as every nobleman does when he reaches the epitome of glory. He is wholeheartedly a part of the welfare activities throughout the African continent. The activities aim to provide for the life necessities of the ignored and challenged communities throughout the continent. He is also mentoring the youth and showing them the right path to improve their living standards. Throughout this journey, Steve, for not even once, doubted on himself that all this was ever going to happen. He just believed that IT WILL HAPPEN!

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