Steve Harvey Shocked by Wife’s ‘Pool Boy' Answer on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Steve Harvey changed things up on this week’s Celebrity Family Feud, bringing his own family onto the game show as the Harvey men faced off against the Harvey women.

However, the game turned into a Harvey family feud when Harvey’s wife, Marjorie, answered one particular question a little too quickly. “We asked 100 married women, ‘Some days, I’d be willing to trade my man for a really good what?’” Harvey asked. Immediately, Marjorie hit the button and answered, “Pool boy!” (oops!) Completely and utterly shocked by his wife’s instant response, Harvey asked, “A good what? What did you just say?” And even though Marjorie’s answer was number four of seven possible answers, Harvey couldn’t help but playfully give his wife a hard time.

Unfortunately, later in the show, Harvey was still holding a grudge about the pool boy, saying, “Punk-ass pool boy. You wait until I get home. I don’t even know who the pool boy is, but. … your ass is fired. I don’t give a damn if he’s 70 years old — you out!”

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