Step-by-step guide to get the perfect summer beach waves using a curling wand

Priya Prakashan

Nothing says summer like pretty beach wave hairdo! Beach waves are the perfect summer hairstyle that you must tyr this season. The hairstyle gives you so much volume and gives your hair an instant change. The fun and messy beach waves can be nailed in less than five minutes. Another thing that makes the hairstyle so cool is that it works so well for medium to long hair. There are many ways to create fun, messy, beach waves. You can get the perfect voluminous beach waves in just five minutes using a curling wand. This super easy guide will share with you how to go on about with your perfect summer beach waves look! (ALSO READ Step-by-step guide to Alia Bhatt’s amazing headband braid hairdo).

STEP 1: To begin with, if you have less of volume, add some clip in extensions to add some bounce and volume to the whole look.

STEP 2: To make sure that your hair and the hair extensions remain safe, spray some heat protectant serum evenly on your hair.

STEP 3: Detangle your hair using a brush, to make sure that there are no knots or tangles in your hair. Make a middle partitioning, all the way to the back to section your hair into two separate parts.Clip one section away so that it doesn’t come in the way. (ALSO READ Home remedies for greasy hair: 7 natural ways to manage oily hair this summer).

STEP 4: Take one inch section from the back and keep the rest away. To enhance the shape of the curls use a thicker wand. Slightly tilt the wand downwards to get out-curls, place the wand on the hair and then move the curls outwards and away from your face.

STEP 5: For the in-curl, place the wand under the hair and move the curls inwards towards your face. Make sure you are not overlapping the hair.

STEP 6: Make sure you do not curl the ends and hold it for a while before releasing it. (ALSO READ How to use dry shampoo: 5 steps to apply dry shampoo and flaunt squeaky clean hair).

STEP 7: Repeat this by alternating between the in-curl and out-curl technique. Create random curls and waves so you don’t have to be particularly neat. Continue doing this throughout the hair.

STEP 8: Use your fingers to gently open up the curls to make it real nice and loose and voila you have nailed the perfect summer beach waves look! (ALSO READ 23 times Alia Bhatt gave us some really cool hairstyle goals!).

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