StemExpress Expands Offering of COVID-19 Testing to Skilled Nursing Facilities

StemExpress Providing Rapid Turnaround of PCR and Serology COVID-19 Test Results

StemExpress, a California headquartered biotechnology company with locations in San Diego, Folsom, and Daly City, California along with sites in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina, has been testing essential workers in public and private entities, as well as providing testing to urgent care centers and hospitals. Testing services have now been expanded to skilled nursing facilities. StemExpress offers both COVID-19 molecular (PCR) and serology (antibody) testing at its CLIA-certified laboratory locations.

StemExpress is one of the State of California’s approved testing sites. The company has been working directly with the California Testing Task Force to offer testing to the general public and to specifically help skilled nursing facilities manage COVID-19 testing. The nursing centers will use their licensed staff to collect specimens and send them to StemExpress’ high complexity CLIA laboratory for testing. Alternatively, StemExpress provides an option for comprehensive service including deploying medical staff on-site to complete specimen collection. A recent analysis by the Texas-based Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity found that 42 percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. have occurred in long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes or assisted-living facilities. StemExpress’ multiple locations and specimen collection options will aid these vulnerable facilities to provide fast and high quality COVID-19 testing to their employees and residents.

StemExpress has the capacity to run more than 10,000 PCR tests and 8,000 ELISA based serology tests daily ensuring critical facilities can receive results quickly. PCR testing will provide a positive or negative result for the virus. Serology testing will provide information as to whether the patient has been exposed to the virus previously and has built an antibody immune response. "Our greatest priority over the past couple of months has been to enable testing to keep workplaces and communities safe. Accurate and reliable testing will decrease the spread of COVID-19 infection and being able to support the most vulnerable populations is a responsibility we take very seriously," said Cate Dyer, Founder & CEO of StemExpress.

All COVID-19 tests conducted at StemExpress have been authorized for use by the FDA under Emergency Use Authorization.

About StemExpress

StemExpress is a life science biotechnology company that serves scientists across the globe by providing primary cells critical for disease research and now performs COVID-19 testing. The company’s goal is to advance science with a deep commitment to acceleration because the work done at StemExpress saves and improves lives. To learn more about StemExpress, please visit Please send inquiries to

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