‘Stealth operation in action’: Elephant caught climbing 5-feet long wall for mangoes

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The male bull elephant was caught hitching its legs over the wall in a coordinated manner to find wild mangoes.

An elephant in Zambia was caught climbing a five-feet wall in search of wild mangoes and the video is making rounds on the Internet. Though the hunt was unsuccessful since mangoes were out of season, several pictures and videos showed the animal hitching its front legs over the wall - just like how a human would cross.

According to reports, guests at Zambia's Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa National Park had gone for an afternoon safari when the bull elephant decided to pay a visit, in a bid to swipe some mangoes.

Watch the video here:

"He was obviously quite hungry and expected to get some wild mangoes for himself, though there aren't any left now. That's all done with for the year," Ian Salisbury, general manager at the park told Daily Mail.

The lodge reportedly has an open area which often attracts several elephants during early winter. Though the herd usually takes a stoned path to reach the site, this particular mammal was clearly attempting a more direct route.

Take a look at how people who came across the video reacted:

According to Salisbury, the elephant stretched over, had a look around, ate a bit of grass and then strangely turned around and came back the same way without the mangoes.

Though it was strange for an elephant to climb over such a high wall, Salisbury said it was pretty impressive how the mammal coordinated all four of its legs to climb the wall, considering its size.