Staying Authentic to your brand can get you through all obstacles : Aparna Singh of the Indian Goddess Boutique

Alena Rinwi
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With An Excellent Business Idea, Aparna Manages To Make Profit Throughout The Pandemic

With countless industries and individuals impacted by COVID-19, it would be downright strange if the fashion world did not find itself among them. However, some businesses have surprisingly not only survived but generated great sales during this time. Despite the global pandemic, Aparna Singh & her business Indian Goddess Boutique has been thriving.

Aparna’s Indian Goddess Boutique offers the most luxuriously packed and designed bindis (The bindi is a fashionable, beautiful, coloured dot that is worn between the eyebrows representing the third eye). They literally offer the perfect pack of bindis, with thoughtfully put together everything one would need from the application to various choices in sizes and colours of bindis. They also offer exclusive designs of Indian styled nose rings, swimwear, face masks and other fashion accessories.

After a trip to India, she was so inspired and intrigued by the beautiful and colourful Indian attires that she started her business in 2015. Aparna always felt very strongly about her Indian culture and embraced it in new and personal ways. She recalls, ‘I would always wear bindis and people would constantly stop me and compliment me on my bindi and then asked where they could buy one’. Her genuine love and appreciation for the culture and her desire to share that with the world has led her to create this wonderful business.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Aparna is also an actress, model and influencer. She has modelled for Paul Mitchell and Van Micheal hair salon and has had featured roles in movies such as The Fate Of The Furious, Spidermen-homecoming, Jumanji, & many more.

Her advice to young entrepreneurs — “Don’t let the pandemic or anything else stop you from starting! Starting is the hardest part. You will never be ready if you aim for “perfect.” You have to just put yourself out there & you will learn on the way.” A true entrepreneur, Aparna has been running her business for 5 years now and truly believes that with courage and determination, any idea can turn into a business model, if you really just go out there and do it !

If you want to know more about Aparna Singh and the Indian Goddess Boutique, please check out her: @aparnaofficial, @indiangoddessboutique

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