Stay Protected to Keep Dengue Fever at Bay, Say Ludhiana Doctors

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The Ludhiana Health Department has been conducting regular drives to keep a check on dengue, which has seen a sharp rise in the town. A dengue awareness rally was conducted on October 14 to spread the message of protection from mosquitoes causing dengue.

Inspector Health Department Sukhwinder Singh, along with multipurpose health worker Karamjit Singh, Assistant Devinder Singh, Swarn Singh Rajgarh, Satwinder Singh Bowani, Lakhvhir Singh Bilaspur and Dilbhar Singh Jaspalon visited a number of educational institutions, including schools and colleges. They have also issued circulars stating the safety standards which should be maintained by them in order to keep the children and employees safe from dengue fever which is affecting the people, The Tribune reported.

SMO Payal Dr Harwinder Singh said that their prime concern is to check all such factors which can lead to dengue. He further added that stagnant water is the main source of dengue and they are keeping a check on each and every spot so that the occurrence of the viral is minimised. He as flagging off a rally conducted by the Health Department that was aimed at spreading awareness among the people on how to take necessary precautions and be vigilant in case of fever or other such related infections.

Inspector of the Health Department Sukhwinder Singh further added that they have visited various educational institutions and asked them to maintain proper hygiene. He further went on to state that the stale vegetables, fungus affected eatables and lack of cleanliness found in various canteens have been issued strict instructions to follow the safety rules and provide clean and hygienic food and snacks to the students.

He further went on to reveal that they are also visiting hospitals, conducting regular checks of tanks, watercoolers and pots as well. “We have asked the people to wash their hands before every meal, take healthy diet and cover their nose before sneezing,” he further said.