States/UTs have over 1,67,20,000 unutilised doses, issue is better planning not shortage: Health Ministry

New Delhi, Apr 13 (ANI): Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan cleared that there is no shortage of COVID-19 vaccine in the country. He said, “Issue is about better planning & not the shortage of doses”. “Till now we've provided 13,10,90,000 doses to states and union territories. On one hand, we have states like Kerala where there is zero wastage (of vaccine) and on the other hand, we have several other states where there still is 8-9% of wastage. As per data till 11 am today, unutilised doses available with states/UTs is over 1,67,20,000. This month - till April end - 2,01,22,960 doses will be provided to states/UTs. This clearly shows that issue is about better planning and not the shortage of doses,” he added.