Starting a new job? Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you

Vanilla Sharma
Indian woman in office

It is that time of the year when students fresh after college join new jobs. While it might be exciting, it is also a nerve-wracking experience as you don't really know what the work culture at the organisation is and what is expected of the employees among other things.

New employees often describe the office environment as completely different from college and something that takes time to get familiar with. "While it was a completely different environment with new faces and new friends to make, there was also a certain thrill to do something new," says Animesh Sen, who recently joined Dell's Bangalore office. "The interaction with team and the manager was a new and different experience."

If you are someone starting your first job soon and wondering what it will be like, here are a few tips to gel with your co-workers and make a good impression and also make the process a smooth and easy one.

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Acknowledge the fact that you are a newbie

It is important to acknowledge the fact that you are a newbie at the organisation and you will take time to learn the ropes, know the people and how things work at the office. Every workplace is different and hence learning the details will take time.

Make adjustments

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Once you get familiar with the processes and people at work, it is important to make a few adjustments so that work is smooth without hurdles or confusion. Not just that, it will also strengthen your bond with your teammates and co-workers.

Have confidence

You might be new in the organisation, with senior employees helping you out with a lot of details when it comes to work as well as otherwise. But that doesn't mean you cower down even when you know you are right.

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Also don't be afraid to make mistakes. It is not the end of the world and besides, how else will you learn?

Don't take things to heart

Each day is different and the issues that affect you today will not matter the next day. Also considering there are a number of people in the organisation, there are bound to be different temperaments and behaviours. Resilience is almost a necessity in such environments, so don't take things to heart when your ideas are shot down and when it comes to difference in opinion and move on.


Be punctual and work hard

At the end of the day, work is what matters so it is important to get over the laid back attitude and work hard. Be on time and consistently meet deadlines. This will not only make you a good team player and earn you the respect; it will also help you plan things in advance and avoid last minute confusions and hassles.

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