How to Start an Encrypted Chat on Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s homegrown messaging app ‘Messenger’ has an end-to-end encryption chat feature which adds security to chats. This means no one can access your chats other than the sender and the receiver. This is a feature it has borrowed from WhatsApp, which always had chat encryption as one of its strong points.

Here’s how you can have a safer chat session on Facebook Messenger.

Step 1

Open the messenger chat you want to encrypt and tap the ‘i’ button.

WhatsApp already has an encrypted chatting app, while messenger has an option to encrypt chats.

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Step 2

A message pops up telling you about Secret Conversations, it states that the messages are encrypted end to end on all the active devices which means the chats started on your smartphone won’t be available in any other device or desktop. Tap ‘Ok’ to agree to the terms.

In end-to-end encryption, the chats can only be accessed through the device it was started with.

Step 3

Now that the Secret Conversation mode has been activated, it opens in a separate chat box than the one used normally. The chats in this box are encrypted end to end between the sender’s and receiver’s active mobile devices.

You can even time the duration of a particular text by selecting the timer icon on the left hand side of the writing box.

Facebook seems to have taken a page from WhatApp’s book by providing this feature and giving more security to messenger given there are trust issues between Facebook and its users.

Users can spot a black lock icon beside the profile picture of the person they are conversing with in the secret conversation feature. The icon ensures the chats are secure.

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