Starc provides video footage to prove injury for getting IPL insurance payout

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Sydney [Australia], June 21 (ANI): Australia pacer Mitchell Starc has provided video footage from the second Test against South Africa in 2018 to prove that he got injured and as a result, deserves an insurance payout for losing his Indian Premier League (IPL) deal with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Starc is seeking an insurance payout of USD 1.53 million, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. As per a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, Starc had filed a lawsuit in the Victorian County Court in April last year against the insurers of his contract. Clyde and Co lawyers are representing the insurer and they have been disputing the timing of the injury in the second Test between Australia and South Africa. The date for the civil trial was listed for March 30 but that was rescheduled for June 17 and now it has been further delayed to August 12 this year. The mediation talks on May 25 and 26 broke down when Starc's manager Andrew Fraser provided footage from Fox Sports of Starc bowling during the second Test. The delay has come in as the lawyers for the insurers argued that they did not enough time to assess the footage from March 10, one clip lasting one minute 37 seconds, and the second 7:25 minutes, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. On the other hand, the lawyers of Starc have been arguing that the insurers that 13 months to review the case and seek footage. As per the insurers, Starc needs to prove that he suffered a single, sudden, and unexpected event that occurred at an identifiable time and place. Both Starc and the insurers have filed reports from medical experts. Orthopaedic surgeon Russel Miller, who is representing Starc said that the injury was "complex and multifactorial" but "it is likely, on the balance of probabilities. However, Dr Seamus Dalton, acting on behalf of the insurer, said: "In my opinion, the plaintiff did not suffer an injury or accident on 10 March 2018. Starc became aware of the onset of right posterior and posteriolateral calf pain during the course of the second Test. Onset appears to have been gradual and symptoms continued over the course of the Test." Starc had been signed on for the 2018 IPL by KKR for whopping USD 1.8 million. (ANI)