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‘Smokey and the Bandit’ (May 27)

Released two days after Star Wars, Burt Reynolds’s car-chase classic went on to become the summer’s second-highest grossing picture. It’s safe to assume that fellow speed demons Bo Darville and Han Solo would have gotten along famously… after competing head-to-head in the Kessel Run, of course. (Photo: Everett)

'Star Wars' Turns 40: 17 Other Movies That Premiered in the Summer of 1977

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

During the summer of 1977, Star Wars was the only movie anyone wanted to talk about. Blasting into theaters on May 25, just in time for Memorial Day weekend, George Lucas’s space opera shot down box-office records left and right during its lengthy run, remaining a fixture on marquees as summer gave way to fall and then winter. But it’s worth remembering that Star Wars wasn’t the only film that Hollywood released that summer. Here are the other movies that are celebrating their 40th anniversaries during the next three months, from the good, to the bad, to the downright obscure.