Standard of Living Redefined for Bahria Residents

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It is no secret that besides skyrocketing inflation, major hikes in petrol prices, and heavy taxation, standards of living in Pakistan are still increasing. While citizens may not have the income or investment to afford a highly ostentatious lifestyle, they still demand a comfortable standard of living and expect a certain degree of luxury in their everyday life. These preferences are reflected in real estate trends. However, there is obviously a class of people who can afford a luxurious lifestyle and, accordingly, demand it when opting for living accommodation.

Due to globalization, expectations and standards have evolved, as have lifestyles. This has given rise to a redefinition of a standard of living compared to two to three decades ago- a trend that continues to soar upwards. What are Pakistanis demanding, and what has changed over the years in living standards?

To meet this trend of comfort and luxury while still being affordable, Bahria Town, a popular housing society, is home to both the elite and the hardworking middle classes because it boasts an environment that is conducive to international standards, and many prefer it as an ideal living location. The suburb is located in Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi, the twin city of the capital. Bahria Town Rawalpindi is the premier project of the three and one that offers a very attractive lifestyle. With clean excellently-built roads, proper facilities, and high-standard infrastructure, society is a sight in itself.

Homes in Bahria Town are of various sizes and are designed in many different ways: many of them with very creative three-storey structures (including basements) and incredibly lavish interiors, while others may still be on the simpler side. Regardless of the different types of structures in Bahria Town, there have been similar trends in changes in standard of living and what is termed as “luxury.” Here is what has changed.

Evolving standards of luxury

According to real estate experts in Bahria Town, two to three decades ago, people were more interested in sturdy, simple structures and considered nice marbled floors, creative paint textures, and large windows to be a representation of luxury. Over time, expectations have risen, and now plush velvet walls, bathrooms fit with Jacuzzis and the latest shower systems, and intricate decorative glass in interiors are considered a luxury.

Interiors and external architecture is getting creative by the day, and there are various areas added to homes: barbeque areas, window-lounging areas, swimming pools, lavish lobbies, etc. Some people go the extra mile and dedicate rooms as mini-theatres, recreation rooms, gyms, libraries, etc.

This change has been brought about because of growing awareness regarding how important aesthetics are in a person’s living environment and what effect they have on mood, happiness, and mental health, amongst other things. While previously, people were not as intrigued with decorative elements, they have become more so now, and lighting is the icing on the cake. This display of luxury is evident in the homes in Bahria Town.

With these evolving standards of luxury, there is also a stark change in lifestyles. Here’s what is going on.

Changing lifestyles and the need for better facilities

Two to three decades ago, people wanted to be located near a school or a market in order to be a short distance away from places they have to go on a daily basis. What has changed now? Lifestyles have changed, and people have become more health-conscious. Additionally, they have also recognized the need for healthy recreational activities and family activities and demand that they be incorporated into their daily routines. Therefore, now people prefer to be near gyms, swimming pools, theatres, large parks, and such amenities.

Therefore, people either add these facilities to their homes or prefer to be located in a place where these facilities are easily accessible. Sadia Khan, 32, from Bahria Town, states,

Societies such as Bahria Town are built to facilitate residents with such lifestyles and the need for a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle is highly recognized now. Younger people strive to include daily exercise or sports in their routine, and the older generations also follow suit.”

However, with growing inflation and the change in lifestyles, there is another trend that is taking precedence. Here is what prominent builders in Bahria Town are focusing on.

Apartments on the rise

With increasing prices and the need for a better community lifestyle, many of Bahria Town’s residents have now begun opting for apartments. This trend is relatively new as people usually preferred independent houses a few decades ago but now are aware of the many advantages that apartments offer. For example, apartments require less maintenance than an independent house and offer a lively community-lifestyle. They are also more economical, and while people are opting for smaller homes that are more facilitating, apartments completely fit the bill- especially for small nuclear families.

Apartment projects are responding to the new demands of luxury and a health-conscious lifestyle, such as those by the renowned ZEM Builders. ZEM Builders have a number of luxury apartment projects in Bahria Town that are fitted with current standards of luxury such as lavish interiors, unique architecture and design, 24/7 safety and security, and windows overlooking panoramic landscapes. The project includes the first-ever infinity pool to ensure that residents are able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and make the most of fun family activities. Better yet, the apartments are offered at economical prices and with flexible payment plans, making them affordable for a larger spectrum of people. CEO Zeeshan Qureshi agrees that apartments seem to be the talk of the town because they are built with particular attention to detail and offer a very smart, modern fully-facilitated lifestyle with extras such as infinity pools, gymnasiums, security systems, etc.

While standards of living have been redefined and lifestyles have nudged up a notch, Bahria Town Rawalpindi is catering to the differing needs of potential residents by providing them with projects that fit their budget and their new, improved tastes. If you are looking for an economical buy to suit a contemporary lifestyle, check out what Bahria Town Rawalpindi has to offer.

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