Stand-up Artist Amit Tandon Invites Covid-19 Patients Quarantined Alone to Join Him For Interaction

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It is no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has got us all stuck at our homes and especially for those who have contracted the infection. Staying in quarantine alone for fourteen days can certainly make a person feel lonely.

And it was to make the quarantined patients feel a little better that comedian Amit Tandon decided to hold talking sessions with them, that too free of cost. On Wednesday, Tandon shared a post on his social media handle where he invited Covid positive patients, who are stuck alone to send him an email and after a confirmation they can probably have a thirty-minute session of talking and laughing. Tandon also mentioned in his post that he just has 5 slots available for each interaction that will begin from April 16 at 6pm.

The idea to reach out to patients who probably do not have many people to interact with at a time when pandemic is keeping most of us at home, certainly resonated with many. As Tandon mentions in the following tweet that his team has received over a thousand emails. He confessed that he did not expect this kind of response and hence he and his team is taking time to sort it all out. The stand-up comedian mentioned that he will be conducting six sessions over the weekend and during the weekdays it would be at least one everyday. He also requested those who sent him the email to be patient.

Tandon's creative initiative to reach out to Covid-19 patients has been appreciated by netizens. With over 19.5k likes and over 3.5k retweets, Tandon's invitation of wholesome interactions has got netizens feeling good.

Commenting on the tweet one user commended the idea and called it a great thought that teaches how each one of us can contribute in our personal capacity.

Another comment called it a "lovely" initiative and mentioned that knowing that there are people in a similar problem is one thing, but to actually interact with them is another kind of satisfaction. The comment further mentioned that conversations with laughter should just be prescribed by doctors.

We must say, this indeed is a heartwarming proposal by the stand-up artist.

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