Stan Lee Really Hated ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ TV Series

With great power comes … a not-so-great TV show. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter in an interview unearthed by Heat Vision, Marvel legend Stan Lee was left un-amazed by The Amazing Spider-Man TV series, which ran on CBS from 1977 to 1979. The show starred actor Nicholas Hammond as Spider-Man, and at the time was considered cutting edge in terms of special effects — but left a little to be desired in other areas, at least for Lee.

The Amazing Spider-Man Series (Photo: CBS)

“With Spider-Man, I felt the people who did the live-action series left out the very elements that made the comic book popular,” Lee said. “They left out the humor, they left out the human interest and personality and playing up characterizations and personal problems.”

Here’s hoping the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film gets his stamp of approval.

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