Stalin slams Tamil Nadu CM Palaniswami for misgovernance, asks him to focus on welfare schemes

DMK leader Stalin slammed Chief Minister Palaniswami for misgovernance, saying that he must focus on implementing public welfare schemes in the state, instead of boasting of how many documents he had signed without making it clear how many plans had been cleared.

DMK Working President MK Stalin has slammed Tamil Nadu Chief Minister E Palaniswami for misgovernance in the state, asking him not to hide his failures through his rants and instead focus on implementing public welfare schemes.

Stalin alleged that the Tamil Nadu government was paralysed at all levels.

"The chief minister proudly claims that he has signed 1,570 documents in 73 days. Has he also signed the petition which said in the Supreme Court that farmers did not commit suicide, he questioned sarcastically hinting at the Tamil Nadu government's response to a plea, which claimed that farmers committed suicide due to personal reasons, a remark that shocked the state.

"Signing documents is the duty of the chief minister. Boasting that you have signed so many documents is absurd. Yet can you tell me how many important plans have you cleared so far?", he questioned again.


Stalin sincerely asked whether the chief minister cleared the necessary documents to construct a museum for Tamil culture or if he cleared the documents for constructing 3,000 houses for police personnel. Or whether the documents signed were to provide a solatium of 3 lakh rupees to the 400 farmers who committed suicide unable to bear losses due to the drought.

Stalin asked Palaniswami to not hype up the importance of the daily documents that reach his desk for signature, as if they were the ones to initiate inter-river linking plan or a new transport plan or a mega cooperative drinking water plan.

"Creating a false impression by saying that you have signed so many documents is only an artificial claim that there is good governance in the state, which will help no one", he claimed.

Stalin again asked Palaniswami to concentrate on bigger, pressing issues, instead of petty number crunching on how many documents he had signed as a chief minister.

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