SS Rajamouli's emotional appeal: Kannadigas insist that Baahubali 2 director ask Sathyaraj to apologise

Shekhar H Hooli
Director SS Rajamouli

Director SS Rajamouli's emotional appeal to Kannadigas has not received support by many people in Karnataka, who insist that Baahubali 2 director persuade actor Sathyaraj to offer an apology to Kannadigas.

Sathyaraj's insulting remarks, which were made against Kannadigas nine years ago, have landed the release of Baahubali 2 in trouble in Karnataka. Some groups have threatened to block its screening in the state. A worried Rajamouli released a video message on his Twitter and Facebook page on Thursday afternoon.

In the video, SS Rajamouli said that Sathyaraj is just an actor in Baahubali 2 and his comments have nothing to do with the film. The director requested the people of the state not to drag the movie into the issue. Baahubali: The Beginning was a big hit in the state. "I request to show the same love and affection towards the second part of the film," he added.

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SS Rajamouli's emotional appeal went viral on the social media within no time with thousands of people sharing it on Twitter and Facebook. While many neitizens requested Kannadigas to support Baahubali, some non-Kannadigas expressed anger against the agitators, which led to heated argument between Kannadigas and non-Kannadigas.

At the same time, there were many Kannadigas who were not happy with Rajamouli's request. They urged the director to convince Sathyaraj and make him offer an apology to Kannadigas for his insulting remarks. Here are some of their comments posted on the timeline of the director.

Sagar Rangarathna: Dear Rajamouli Sir, We salute you for your Love towards Kannada. I want to tell you one thing sir. We are not hating Bahubali-2. We are hating the person Satyaraj who made allegations on Kannada people, Karnataka and Kaveri. At the present situation, instead of convincing we Kannadigas why dont you convince Satyaraj to apologize for his wrong statements against us? We did not know about that video in which he stated against Us. Before a month or two we saw that video. If we watched that video before the release of Bahubali-1 we would have boycott the movie then itself. Please try to understand, we are not against Bahubali-2. Infact we are proud of you for taking Indian Cinema to greater level. All the best.

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Rohith Rajesh: When u have put so much effort to d movie n even dat sathyaraj knws hw mch effort has gone to d movie...its better to sathyaraj come frwd n ask sorry a kannadiga n support u for d wonderful movie u have given n will always support in future...nothing against telugu ppl r cinema....telugu ppl n v share great bonding....its sathyaraju who shld stop dis issue...n thanx for speaking in kannada...

Abdulla Nofal: Hello SS Rajamouli, Thanks for coming up with the message. We truly understand what you are trying to say. At the same time, can we expect the same from Satya Raj ? It is not about the "Sorry" which we need from satya raj. He has hurted the sentiments of Karnataka people and it has become a question to us. Even after hearing the ruthless words from Satyraj and you think we still entertain him. Sorry, SS Rajamouli. Satya Raj is a celebrity, He should know well before he speak to media. We are big at heart, at the same time someone talks about our Karnataka we not going to entertain. Good Luck for your movie in your home.

Veeresh Sangolli: We want satyaraj to apologize all kannadigas publicly....we r not haters of bahubali....he should ask sorry in front of d media....

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GuruKiran PS: I belong to both andra Pradesh and Karnataka. But we need sorry from satyaraj

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