SRK, Emraan Hashmi’s Hilarious Face off in ‘Bard of Blood’ Style

In a build up to Netflix’s upcoming original series Bard of Blood, which is being produced by Shah Rukh Khan, the streaming giant has dropped a new teaser. The video features Shah Rukh and actor Emraan Hashmi, who will be playing the lead character in Bard of Blood.

The teaser begins with SRK and Hashmi seated opposite each other in a pitch dark interrogation room. As SRK takes on the role of a supposedly intimidating investigator, Emraan Hashmi remains unfazed. What follows is a hilarious conversation between the two which gives us an insight into what we can expect from Emraan Hashmi’s character in the show.

Watch the teaser here:

The teaser ends with the question, “Mission Ke Liye Taiyaar Ho? (Are you ready for the mission?)“

This teaser is a follow up to two other teasers released by Netflix previously. In the first teaser, Shah Rukh receives a phone call for what he assumes is for the role of an interrogator in a film. He soon realises that the person on the other line is recruiting for an intelligence agency.

You can watch it here:

In the second teaser, Shah Rukh Khan is still on a phone call with someone and is strongly opposing the idea of taking on the role of an ‘interrogator.’ He refers to himself as a “gentle soul.”

Netflix has captioned the video, “We made @iamsrk an offer he couldn’t refuse.”

You can watch it here:

Bard of Blood is being produced by Red Chillies Entertainment. It will release on 27 September and is based on a eponymous novel by Bilal Siddiqui. Set in the Indian subcontinent, the multilingual series will tell the story of an expelled spy, Kabir Anand who is recalled from his new life as a professor to save his country and long-lost love.

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