Sri Lanka tenders unqualified apology to Modi and Jayalalithaa for derogatory article

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    I think Sri Lanka is testing and going overboard with India's friendship and SL is taking it for granted.There is a limit to patience irrespective of an individual or a leader.Yes it is good for the Sinhala and the Tamil people and the SL country as a whole that they "won" the 3 year civil war and they should concentrate on the reconciliation programme by MR and develop the country instead of "poking" India and Tamilnadu assuming that they have Chinese support which might collapse due to many reasons
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    Sri Lanka is exposing its tea-leaf brain trying to pit Jeyaji against Modiji. Both Jeya and Modi drink tea, but their brains are not covered with tea dust but something else called grey matter.
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    China is adding some mental ingredients to lanka.Srilanka should have understood Modiji's initiative to grow neighbouring friendship to stand together in front of the world for own benifits.
    If india become strong and powerful then these small nations automatically get attracted towards india and influence of china will diminish.
    In india we brothers of different regions are fighting why ?Let us fight together against anti indian forces.
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    Sri Lanka should also take strict action against the author of the article which has attempted to sully the relations between two neighbors and friendly nations so that others will be careful not to air such distasteful comments.
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    Jaya Lalitha must stop anti-sri lankan political agenda & must concentrate on development. For her political agenda turning tamilians against sri lanka which shall bar indo-Sinhalese relations is truly immoral & anti-national. She must understand that her political agenda affects tamilians in Sri Lanka by reciprocating anti-Tamil feelings in Sinhalese ppl. Such moves by her made Sri Lankan govt support China & now China has bulit to huge naval bases in Sri Lankan that can help China to attack South India faster in case of war.
    Same time Sri Lankan govt must not encourage anti-Indian authors.
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    This should not be spared by both the center and the state heads . This is no way to play stupid jokes . Every indian and many nations are still
    cursing the srilankan ravanas for merciless killing of tamils ( old people ans children too and at night time when they slept in their tent homes .by the srilankan army . The govt is to be blamed for this inhuman act . It will go down the ages for sure . . They must be punished ,
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    Sri Lanka Literacy rate is above 90 for both male and female. The comments by many people show how poorly they are informed.
    LTTE was created, fed and trained by Indian and TN govts that became a cancer to all communities in Sl over 30 years. SL govts never created any contretemps or mercenaries to attack any part in India.
    SL knows all the while whining of successive TN govts asking for this and that for over blown mundane things from the center, merely due to idiotic ego.
    There is an established boundary between India and SL agreed upon by both govts. Illegal crossing into territory of any country will be dealt according to the law. This applies to SL fishermen and India fishermen.
    There are extremists in any religion and even though they a small minority they create big headlines which is true in India as well as SL.
    Otherwise, majority of Sri Lankans love Indians.
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    Sri Lanka is in a verge of collapse. The newly build harbor and airport are not making money to pay the loan. Now the Chinese are demanding strategical location which is Trincomalee for the Chinese development. The Chinese mastermind is working. India does not have a choice, but follow the Russians, and takeover Sri Lanka. Trust me, foolish Sinhalese will come to know in due time that the Rajpaksa's cabinet is the least educated in the history of Sri Lanka. The fools are enjoying the thousands of Tamils' deaths, and ignoring the red flags warnings. But the foolish Sinhalese will regret for generations for voting the uneducated regime twice.
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    What if a " strong " Sarkar could not get anything even far from an apology from Pakistan or china ,. atleast they have made Sri Lanka toe their line. Atleast Sri Lanka has shown some grace unlike some lumpen elements inside our own country.
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    The Government of Tamil Nadu is approaching every time through the federal government and not interfering directly in to the matter Why Srilanka should not handle the matters with friendly manners