Spotted UFO? Japan Defense Ministry is All Ears as Govt Sets up Task Force to Probe Sightings

Buzz Staff
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Claims of UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) sightings have always been met with scepticism. But that hasn't stopped people from enthusiastically reporting on any 'out of the ordinary' sightings which were, later on, rubbished aside as fake. Conspiracy theories regarding alien attacks have also held the public's attention since long.

Now, the Japan government has decided to dig a little deeper into these sightings, at least those in the Japanese airspace, a local report said.

Defense Minister Taro Kono has ordered the Self-Defense Forces to deal with unidentified aerial objects that could pose a threat to Japan’s security.

Kono has asked the forces to record and photograph any such objects that they come across within the Japanese airspace and analyse them, including anything sent across by the public.

Despite the Japanese government's order, the Defence Ministry has so far made the country's stance on UFOs very clear back in 2018, saying, "No confirmation has been made of their existence.”

The Japanese government's decision to kickstart a taskforce like this comes on the heels of reports over a top-secret Pentagon program that has been holding classified meetings for more than a decade. Three videos which showed US Navy pilots encountering mysterious flying objects were also declassified in 2017-2018 which further fuelled talks of UFOs.

Kono himself has said that he does not personally believe in UFOs and the task force is a response to The government's order is simply being seen as a response after the US Defense Department established a special Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force earlier in the year to gain insight into unidentified objects and other such unexplained phenomena.

A report said that the order has also been expanded to include objects beyond UFOs to include drone technology that could be also termed as a threat to national security.

Earlier this year, Pentagon declassified three videos, which had been leaked previously, and confirmed that US Navy Pilots had indeed encountered unidentified flying objects or UFOs.

The Pentagon said on its official website that it had chosen to declassify the videos now so as to clear any doubts or misconceptions about the authenticity of the videos.

The videos had been released without prior authorization and had been widely circulated in the public domain and on social media all these years.