Spotify Adds More Music For Free Users; Closing in on India Debut?

Now, before y’all get excited, it’s important to note that Spotify hasn’t shared a launch time frame for India but signs are gradually building towards it. Why is that? The company had a big and fancy event in the United States last evening, where it showcased a host of features.

In addition to that, they also made it clear that for Spotify, free and paid users will not be differentiated in terms of their experience on the platform.

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Speaking at the Spotify Investor Day in New York last month, Daniel Ek, co-founder, Spotify, highlighted the company’s plan to launch in countries like India, Russia and various parts of Africa. So, our hopes have risen higher with what was on show last evening.

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We already know that Spotify is looking to set up shop in India, and even hiring its set of editors to curate content for the market. But this event saw Spotify roll out a host of features, including one that promises to cut down use of data, especially for its free users.

"Many users of Spotify for free around the world aren’t able to enjoy music whenever they want, because of the volume of mobile data streaming typically uses. That’s why we created Data Saver, a simple toggle switch that optimizes the listening experience to use less mobile data when listening to music." - Spotify Blog

That’s not all, Spotify is also dishing out more music to free users, who they believe ultimately convert into paid subscribers, something that Spotify isn’t short of.

Spotify is the leading music streaming player in the world, with a claimed user base of more than 71 million paid subscribers

On-demand playlists with 15 new offerings for free users and curating according to user preference ranks as one of Spotify’s specialty. You can personalise the track list by Liking or Hiding any track, which helps the app to define your taste for music.

These features will make its way on the refreshed-looking Spotify app, which will be rolling out globally in the coming weeks, as Spotify confirmed in its post.

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