Can You Spot the Snake? Queensland Family Wakes Up to a Python Relaxing on Their Sun Lounge (Watch Viral Video)

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A Queensland family woke up to an uninvited guest—a Python, relaxing right next to them on their veranda. This viral image of a Sunshine Coast home in Queensland, Australia has baffled the netizens. Owner of Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher Stu Mackenzie, uploaded this picture, asking the Facebook users to spot a snake which is supposedly resting on the lounge. Can you spot the serpent? One can only find the image to be a typical Aussie house. It took long for Facebook users to find the hidden snake. The pic had baffled the netizens, even with the clue that Stu gave, “This is pretty tough so I will give you a clue. What do snakes like to make the most of in the mornings?” Five Exotic Serpents You Can’t Unsee. 

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People online pointed out that snakes enjoy bathing under the sun, but no one could spot it. The viral image details just how camouflaged the serpent was.

Spot the Snake!

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Since, one could barely spot the serpent, on the next day, late at night, Stu finally revealed the spot, where the snake was hiding. He uploaded a video that zoomed in on the giant carpet python, relaxing between the black printed cushions on the couch. “Imagine going out onto your deck in the morning and sitting down in the warm morning sun only to realise something else is there enjoying the suns warmth as well. This is the video from the ‘Spot the snake’ post yesterday,” posted Stu along with the video. Anaconda Snake Crossing Road Brings Traffic to Halt in Brazil. 

Watch the Viral Video to Find Out the Snake

“Carpet Pythons are the most common snake we catch and dont seemed to bothered by humans. They will often hang out in entertaining areas like this and wont move even if people are around. Majority of other snakes will retreat to cover when they see someone nearby (sic),” he added. After gushing over the beautiful serpent, the professionals returned it safely into the wild. The python is measured about two metres long.