Can you Spot the Snake Hiding in Plain Sight in This Viral Photo from Australia?

Camouflage is probably one of the biggest tricks that nature plays on us, and at times, it can leave you feeling completely bewildered. Remember the viral photo which hid a snow leopard in plain sight?

This time, we found a similar photo that has gone viral and apparently has a snake camouflaged in it. If you thought the leopard photo was frustrating, wait till you lay your eyes on this one.

The photo had been originally posted by the official Facebook page of Snake Catcher Victoria Australia and appears to be an ordinary photo of two kids walking among the wilderness; the photo has been taken from behind and shows the children walking hand in hand down a path.

As mentioned in the post, the photo has been taken at a property in Eskdale on the Mitta Mitta river in North East Victoria. The snake was so well camouflaged with the scenery around that "no one saw the large Eastern brown snake until they looked at the pics later."

Also, how dangerous is that? You wouldn't even know that there's a snake lying right next to you unless you really paid attention to your surroundings.

Can you spot the snake? Take a look:

It's okay if you didn't find it in the first try, we couldn't either! Keep trying!